These days when the climate is in focus it feels really good to find other uses for empty boxes etc. Winsor & Newton has an empty box that you can buy to use as a watercolor travel kit, but I’d rather put my money on new colors. šŸ˜‰

Ever since I bought this small licorice box I wanted to use it as a travel kit. The idea is to have a basic set of colors that will work when you’re out and about. Now I’ve finally filled it, and it’s ready to use! šŸ˜€

I started by swatching all my watercolors to see what I have. I also got some inspiration from Liz Steel’s website on how to plan your palette, and tried to choose similar to her colors.

After deciding on the colors I glued the pans to the bottom of the box with a hot glue gun. Then I swatched the colors on a paper.

There is still one spot left to choose a color for. I’m not sure if I should put a violet here or something else. And I also have room to pour two more colors from tubes on the sides…

On the inside of the lid I first added a layer of white decoupage, and then a layer of white acrylic to be able to use the lid for mixing colors. I hope it will work as intended, and I really look forward to bring the watercolor travel kit with me on my next trip!

Cute licorice box as a small watercolor travel kit
The cute box with penguins
The watercolor travel kit complete with brush and swatched colors
Enough room for a brush