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Architecture in Stockholm – 10 years with Årets Stockholmbyggnad

Årets Stockholmsbyggnad is a competition where anyone can nominate a building in Stockholm that was finalized the previous year. My book is meant to be a tribute and a guide to the buildings that has been part of the competition during its first ten years.

In the first part of the book you can read about the different buildings that were selected from the nominated ones by a jury. There are lots of images, both from the inside and outside. There is also information about the architects & builders and how many votes the building got in the competition.

The other part of the book is a section with walks through the different districts. You can also see the length of the walk and how to get to it by using SL (Stockholm transport system). I tried to make the walks as clear as possible, so I made the colors bright to be easily distinguishable on the map.

All the chapters are color coded to make it easy to find the year you’re looking for. The cover is paperback so it’s easy to bring along, and the pages are on thick glossy paper to make the images justice.

Pages: 188
Measures: 209×249 mm
Weight: 750 g

The book is in Swedish and can be bought at Bokus or Akademibokhandeln.

Map over Stockholm with names of the different areas
Architectural walks
Uppslag från boken med vinnarbyggnad.