About me

My name is Marina Cronvall. For the last 20 years I’ve held various roles in software development, but am now returning to my past passion in graphics. To freshen my knowledge I’ve been taking night courses in Graphic Design at Berghs and in Illustration at Forsbergs.

In the Graphics design course we had an assignment to create the beginning of a book. I chose to make mine about the architecture competition Γ…rets Stockholmsbyggnad. Half a year later I felt that it was time to continue with the book. After just finishing a course in Illustration I wanted to add a lot of illustrations to it to make it more personal. But the main work was photographing the buildings and editing the photos. The book is now finished and printed, you can read more about it here.

At my spare time I love to paint and draw, and I’m trying to improve myself by participating in challenges online. Right now I’m on a draw something every day for a whole year-challenge. I then post it on my Instagram, which sometimes can be a challenge itself… it’s not always that I’m satisfied with them. You can see the last five posts below.